Kolej UNITI aspires to produce remarkable graduates that suit its motto “Berilmu, Berakhlak dan Berbakti” which also embodies all of the aspirations in Panca Kolej UNITI. Here is the list of Kolej UNITI’s vision which is hoped to be achieved by the year 2020.

  • To nurture distinguished undergraduates in accordance with Kolej UNITI’s motto “Berilmu, Berakhlak dan Berbakti” in addition to appreciating all of the aspirations of Panca Kolej UNITI (PancaKU)
  • To improve and strengthen the existing diploma programmes in each faculty
  • To offer new diploma programmes with high market value
  • To move towards bachelor’s degree programmes through smart partnership
  • To make Kolej UNITI the leading institution that produces graduates with entrepreneurship skills through the Entrepreneurship Apprentice Programme in collaboration with private sector
  • To transform Kolej UNITI as a brand name through smart partnership
  • To produce graduates with outstanding communication skills in English, Arabic and Mandarin languages by using Gontor’s exceptional teaching concept that has already been proven to be a success
  • To market Kolej UNITI to the international market
  • To initiate academic research through case studies
  • To develop Koperasi UNITI as an additional source of income to all UNITI staff and Eden Capital Group



  • SINCERE Sincere    :    To perform an act truthfully, honestly without pretence and for the sake of the Creator.
  • INTEGRITY Integrity    :    The quality of being honest, responsible and trustworthy with high moral values and principles.
  • SELF CONFIDENCE Self-Confidence    :    Believe in oneself and own abilities to be able to achieve one's objectives.
  • PERSERVERANCE Perserverance    :    Steadfastness in doing something despite facinmg difficulties or delay in achieving success.
  • SELF RELIANT Self-Reliant    :    To depend on oneself and not just hoping for support from others.


  • CLEAN – Clean    :    Personality who loves cleanliness in oneself and surrounding, hates dirtiness in oneself and surrounding.
  • COMPETENT – Competent    :    Having or showing the knowledge, ability to perform a certain activity well.
  • ACTIVE Active    :    Appears energetic, on the go, and ready to engage in any form of virtuous activities.
  • POLITE & KINDNESS Polite & Kindness    :    Having or showing respectful and considerate behavior with one another and loves to help the needy.
  • COMMUNICATIVE Communicative    :    Ability to talk, convey or impart information to others and convince them.