Dip. In Graphic Design

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The graphic design program provides a theoretical and practical approach to education offering professional skills, theoretical foundation, and general education to aid students in the development and maturation of their artistic abilities and technical skills. Emphasis is placed on learning the concepts and skills for creating computer graphics, web design, and illustrations. Each semester course is 15 weeks in duration. Tools include graphic software such as Adobe PhotoShop, 3D Max, Flash, Illustrator, Indesign, After effects and other applications. These softwares are the most prevalently used computer programs used thougout the world. The class is organized into three different components: 

  • lectures 
  • desk critiques 
  • presentations 

Graphic Design lectures cover many design topics, technical data and theory. Throughout the semester, students will be issued various design problems, and then asked to develop design solutions over a period of weeks. During the desk critiques, the development of each project will be closely advised by the instructors. At various stages the projects will be presented, discussed then graded according to how thoroughly they solve the design problem. Students will learn a wide range of skills, which includes 3D modeling, photography, typography, editorial, desktop publishing, illustration, packaging design, branding,advertising design and marketing.


Graduates of this programme can further their studies at the degree level at any local institutions of higher learning. Among the fields that they can join include:

Career Opportunities

The career opportunities for graduates of this programme are:

  • Art Director
  • Art Production Manager
  • Brand Identity Developer
  • Illustrator
  • Visual Image Developer
  • Web Designer
  • Photographer
  • Layout Artist
  • Flash Designer
  • Packaging Designer
  • Visual Journalist


Semester 1

  •    Drawing Techniques
  •    Digital Art & Illustration
  •    History Of Art And Design
  •    Technical Drawing
  •    Color Theory
  •    3D Graphic Design
  •    English for Academic Purpose 1

Semester 2

  •    Interactive Multimedia Design
  •    Graphic Design Technology
  •    Typography
  •    Web Design
  •    3D & Animation
  •    Malaysian Art History
  •    English for Academic Purpose II

Semester 3

  •    Sequential Art
  •    Design Elements and Principles
  •    Desktop Publishing
  •    Philosophy Of Graphic Design
  •    3D Drawing
  •    English for Academic Purpose III
  •    Pengajian Islam / Pengajian Moral

Semester  4

  •    Packaging Design
  •    Digital Photography
  •    Brand Management
  •    Advertising and Communication
  •    Workshop Portfolio1
  •    Bahasa Kebangsaan

Semester  5

  •    Design Elements and Principles 2
  •    Design Marketing and Management
  •    Workshop Portfolio 2
  •    Brand Strategy and Development
  •    Pengajian Malaysia

Semester  6

  •    Practical Training


  • Passed Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) with at least 3 credit in any subject; AND
  • Priority to students who passed Art Education or passed interview / drawing test or portfolio assessment conducted by Kolej UNITI for candidates who have no subject Art Education.


(MQA/FA 0408))
Ref. No MQA : MQA/PA 0408
Ref. No KPT : JPT/BPP(K)1000-600/N322(62)