• Mission
  • Vision
  • Objectives

FPPM started to offer its first programme which is Diploma in Pre-School Education in 2007,and Kolej UNITI became one of the first private institutions of higher learning (IPTS) in early childhood education.Thus, this programme becomes the choice of many students, and it has the most number of students at Kolej UNITI.The second Programme which is Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education was first offered in 2013,and Diploma in Islamic Education for Primary School will be offered starting in 2016.


FPPM’s mission is to build knowledge and teaching skills to ensure that education techniques and values practised are the best, and to build innovative entrepreneurship that meets market needs in the field of early childhood education.

In order to produce innovative entrepreneurs, smart co-operations between FPPM, HBNG Institute and Ameen serve, UnitiAmeen are formed. Thus, graduates have a lot of opportunities to either choose a career or to further their studies at the degree level at IPTA or IPTS.


FPPM’s vision is to be the leader in gender-based education and to produce human capital with the passion as educators to meet the needs of the country.


  • To prepare students who are equipped with knowledge in education and human development based on the National Education Philosophy in lifelong learning to train students to apply knowledge and skills in education management and human development
  • To prepare students with sensitivity towards moral, ethics and noble values related to education and human development
  • To produce students with good communication skills and leadership characteristics
  • To train students to use thinking skills conceptually and analytically
  • To prepare students who are able to integrate management and entrepreneurship skills in related fields
  • To produce professional workforce